Thursday, December 4, 2014


Right now indian stock market is trading at all time high powered by selected blue chips(For instance Maruti,TCS,etc.)

Question arises what is next after this rise?

Well the simplest answer i can give to you all is that after every rise there is a fall and yes a fall in the markets is imminent because without a fall old investors cannot exit and new investors cannot invest in the market.

The thumb rule of stock market is to invest when all markets are down and to sell when markets are up.

How to save yourself from the losses?

Always invest after seeing the past price chart of the scrip which you want to buy.Never believe what others are recommending be it on business channels or any tip given to you by your friends.
Though you can consider their advice but always have a background check to be at a safer side.

Also,investing in stock market means investing in equity which is 100% riskier than any other asset classes.

Never get yourself trapped in the stock manipulations by many traders.
(For instance when a big investor buys shares which is more than 1% of stake and it get flashed on T.V ,you  will definitely want to buy that scrip too as you must be thinking that he must have found something good in the scrip.But this is always not the case. The person may be buying the scrip in one go but may be selling when scrip moves up significantly in a short period and selling in small quantities without being noticed by the public and making profit out of it. So always apply your mind when buying scrips specially small caps .)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pass on the Positivity

The people today live in an environment where there is a lot of tension. Some people have work tension ,some have family problems and some people have other problems.
The point i am trying to make is that each and every individual in this current century is tensed.
Persons who are very rich and endowed with the best of money ,they have everything at their beck and call they are also not happy.


Reason is simple positivity among people is diminishing day by day. In all the Metropolitan cities around the world people are becoming arrogant,getting frustrated,etc.

A simple appreciation at work can do wonders .But the work culture is so bad these days that the bosses just want to mint money and dont want to appreciate the staff who work for them day and night.

What People Can Do to Overcome Tension?
Do more and more positive talking with friends and folks,share your problems with your loved ones and not with any stranger.

Start by appreciating anyone whom you like to appreciate and you will see the change.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

What a Relief and so do the pain???

I must be sounding confusing to u all,but yes in delhi rain is expected and it brings relief because delhites bear the scorching sunlight and rain becomes pain when it stops.This is because after heavy rains there is water logging,humidity in the atmosphere,water logging also leads to jampacked roads,rooting out the big old trees damaging the cars,it increases the risk for two wheeler drivers.

What else to say,Rain is relief as well as Pain for Delhites.


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Our imagination gives birth to our new thoughts ,inventions,innovations,etc.

Computer was a thought of a person,If that person had not imagined about computer then humans would still be relying on manual methods of working.

Imagination can change your life if one imagine all the positive and good things in his/her life.

No matter what situation you are in if you think positive then only positive things will happen in front of you,be it at your office,be it when you are with your friends and family.

This secret of living a life without tensions is already out with the novel "The Secrets".
Its really true as i have experienced it myself.

One day i was hell late for work.Without taking much tension i just thought positive that nothing will happen if i turned up late for work and the same thing happened when i reach office that the office was locked and all the staff came late.

This was not the first time that whatever i thought happened ,it has happened many times before also.

All i want to say is that do not let negative thoughts occupy your minds even for a second and that will mean wasting precious time of your life.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Markets View for today

As it can be seen that market are volatile since morning. Market opened with a gap up opening and then it became flat till 12 pm and now again its in litte bit of green.

Stocks where one should exit.

1) Suzlon -From 5.72 it has touched 20.15 intraday. A rally of 250 % approx. Best to time to exit now for those who entered below sub 20 levels.

2) Maruti- It is trading near 2200 from its lows of 1220 approx. 45% rallied from its lows.

Stocks where one should put in money

1) Sail:- Its a cyclical stock,it moves according to the demand in steel sector. If you want to invest in it then you can put in 25% of what you want to invest and remaining you can invest depending on the next trading sessions.

2) All power Stocks-The power sector was languishing from a very long time and nobody was taking interest in putting the money in it,and now suddenly all the stocks of power sector have rallied around 20% in 2-3 trading sessions. Still some money can be made by entering at current levels with strict stop losses.

Disclaimer- I reserve the right to be wrong.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Finally recommendations worked

Those of you who followed my recommendations must be sitting on profits. I am saying this because the stock which i recommended have zoomed to maximum of 14%.

1) Rpower-Up 10%

2)Nhpc - Up 14% with good volumes built up.

3)L&T finance-Up 6%

Now the question arises is that at what point one should exit.


Do not listen to business channels. I dont believe in what they say. Markets are at all time high,nobody knws for how long the rally will sustain.So better take your profits off the table and dont be greedy at this point.

Disclaimer:-I reserve the right to be wrong.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stock market advice

The markets have rallied more than what was expected of the market.

Blue chips have doubled.Some midcaps are up around 200%.

Now the question which remains to be answered is that what should one do to earn money in stock market,where should one invest money ????

My take is that sell out of the stocks in which you are having profits even if the profit is less than 10% or even if it is more than 100%. Just sell out now.

According to me this rally will not sustain for a long period as can be seen by sudden selling which came on the result day when nifty zoomed to 7500 points and it closed well below that level.

Few stocks which you all should be focusing on are:-

1) Reliance Power:- It has not moved much from its life time lows as compared to other stocks.

2) Nhpc:- It is still trading below its book value plus the main point to focus is that the dividend payout is approx 5% in a year which is also tax free and my target for this stock is 40 with one year holding time.

3) L&T finance:- This company is very well poised and it has also not moved up much.

So keep these 3 stocks in your focus and enter as per your convenience.

Disclaimer:- I reserve the right to be wrong.